The aura of IAS (Indian administrative services) always captivated the imagination of millions of youth in India since its inception.Entry into civil services is a long cherished dream of every passing generations not only of the fact that its better nature of employment opportunity but the power, pride and the social status, it carries along with.Every year hundreds of thousand of students accept challenge and join the race of triumph, some success stories prevail, rest vanishes some where into the oblivion with a painful remembrance that we also prepared for civil services examination.Best part of civil services honest preparation is, it will never let you down, alternate job awaits for you and you will never ever feel yourself that you are novice to any field of knowledge under the sun.Union Public Service Commission conducts this mother of all examination every year to search for the potential human resource fully capable to run the steel frame of democracy i.e. bureaucracy through the strenuous screening process in the form of prelims , mains and interview stretches over whole the year further testifies the patience, consistency, devotion and conviction of the aspirants.
    Civil services exam is unpredictable; it is a common perception among the students.KEYNOTE IAS thinks other wise and its motto is “we make UPSC predictable”.” Because KEYNOTE IAS believes in, that two things are controllable & feasible i.e. Attitude and Passion, So we can safely say that Success is certainly not an Accident, & end product of Our Attitude and Fervor. Failure is not predestined, it is the Lack of attitude and zealous effort" so, work with conviction, success is yours..”
    Welcome to the Keynote IAS;Delhi’s famous, popular and most trusted Best IAS coaching since 2015.During its very short journey it made possible carving of many success stories of IAS Toppers, hundreds of students qualified from different courses run by this Best Institute For IAS Exam Preparations. Notable among them are Gautam Jain 54th rank, Pratham kaushik 5th rank, Bipasha 41 rank, Bodke Digvijay 54th rank and many more above the rank of top 100.In a very short span ,this success rate is commendable and testimony of our synchronous nature of guidance and way of teaching along with the nature of demand of UPSC.
    We at the KEYNOTE IAS provide congenial ,competitive and relaxing environment.Studying at keynote is a fun learning experience.Lectures here are never before experience, because completing syllabus with isolated topic is not worth of any value now as the pattern of nature of question changed, so emphasis is on interrelating and correlating the topics with its application part and coherent deliverance along with healthy interaction with students leave very little burden to carry along for the room.Above all, experienced faculty at Keynote IAS provide personal guidance wherever required especially to the students who are new to the Geography Optional.
    If you are watching for the best IAS coaching in Delhi with reasonable fees, then you are here at the right place. We honestly claim speciality in courses like geography optional complete syllabus courses with relatively less fees and best faculty in the town. Most of the courses are completed within the time period of 6 months only, We claim to hold the first position in the best IAS coaching in Delhi with minimum fees and trusted by thousands of students and obliged by aspirants who successfully crossed the Himalayan barrier during previous years. We provide the best IAS coaching online along with offline and in the past many of students from every corners of India joined us and succeeded due to our unique way of teaching and personnel guidance 24*7 through the means of communication.Taking admission in Keynote IAS is just like dreams come true. We provide the best Geography optional coaching in Delhi covering full geography optional syllabus and moreover we conduct extensive Geography test series , which in the words of IAS toppers, when after writing mains expressed joyfully that writing mains was like, “we are writing another test series”, interesting but fact based, for the last four years our test series covers the 90% of questions asked by UPSC, not to mention G.S. part is an additional advantage. We are committed to assist you to develop mantras to crack the geography optional. We care about time limitations also, almost every course ends up in 6 months. We provide best IAS coaching in Delhi because of our results and our hard working faculty. The teachers unique way of teaching makes your concepts crystal clear and easily understandable. The notes they provide are the best because ,the notes are prepared after thorough research and also updating it constantly.

    We have a vastly experienced & well-coordinated team that caters to the new age inter-disciplinary questions of Civil Services Exam. Besides our core team members we have the experts of their respective fields from DU, JNU & AMU who keep on helping us in bringing the best out of the students


                                                      It helps you  “Think Beyond The Book”

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                                                                        • Rajiv Ranjan Singh                      • Sunil K. Jha

    • A. Sheikh                         • Parampreet Singh

    SHAMIM ANWER         and       GHAZANFAR AFROZ

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